S2 [ˈbætəri] n plural batteries
2 a battery of something
6 recharge your batteries
[Date: 1500-1600; : Old French; Origin: baterie, from batre 'to hit';]
[Sense: 4; Origin: from the idea of hitting with gunfire;]
[Sense: 1; Origin: from the idea of a group of electricity-producing cells joined together]
an object that provides a supply of electricity for something such as a radio, car, or toy
You have to take the top off to change the batteries .
When the red light comes on, you should recharge the battery so it is ready for the next time.
The car's got a flat battery .
a battery-operated hair dryer
2.) a battery of sth
a group of many things of the same type
a battery of medical tests
3.) ¦(FARM)¦ BrE
a row of small ↑cages in which chickens are kept, so that the farm can produce large numbers of eggs
battery hens
4.) ¦(GUNS)¦
several large guns used together
an anti-aircraft battery
5.) ¦(CRIME)¦[U]
law the crime of hitting someone
He was charged with assault and battery .
6.) recharge your batteries informal
to rest or relax in order to get back your energy
A week in the mountains should recharge my batteries.
COLLOCATES for sense 1
change the batteries (in something) (=put new batteries in something)
charge/recharge a battery (=fill it with electricity again after it has been used)
flat battery British English
dead battery American English (=one that has no more electricity in it)
rechargeable battery (=one that can be recharged and used again)
car battery
battery powered/operated
battery compartment (=the place where the batteries go)
battery charger (=a piece of equipment for charging batteries)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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